Ghoghavadar Road
Gondal - 360311
Dist. Rajkot

Trishul Engineering, was established in 2010 by the visionary, Mr. Sandip Patel and Kaushik Patel. The company is located on Ghoghavadar Road, Gondal.

Trishul Engineering specialises in TO GET THE PARCHED RICE SWELLED (MURMURA) HOW (THE WAY) TO PREPARE PARCHED GRAINS OF RICE Mamra made from Paddy first if all clean tha paddy. Then it should be placed in to Boiled water and should be kept for 10 hours. then the Paddy should be taken out of water and be baked in to Roaster. As soon as taken out of cold water, give in Conveyor and put if in the Sieve meant for cooling it there after put it in to the mill and prepare Rice out of the Paddy. Dry their Rice for two-three hours in sun in early morning. Then give salt water in conveyor in Roaster pass it from the Roaster parched Grains of Rice will be Ready. A Drier Machine is also invented to prepare parched Grains of Rice without sun-light by special technology.

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