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Dist. Rajkot


By filling pure water up to half level in the tank & heat the Iron tank up to 95Degree to 100degree celcious.after adding paddy then keep the paddy for 8 to 10 hours in the hot water.Roast the boiled paddy at 160 degree celcious to 175degree celcious temperatusre at slow pace (13 - 14 RPM) in roaster machine. This roasted paddy enters in to the warm machine which is attached to the cleaner. During this process , must to add less amount of water on timely basis.

Make the watered Paddy Cool by pouring into Paddy softner and then put this into the flour mill. where according to the paddy capacity, required pressure is given by stone.Due to this Rice releases from paddy and get polished. Then clean these polished rice in Rice Cleaner.

Then dry the clean rice in to the drier at 45 degree celcious temperatusre, moisture level up to 11-12 degree temperature is necessary. Pour the mixer of the moistured rice and salt water in to the roaster machine and roast them up to 225 degree celcious to 250 degree celcious at 26-28 RPM speed.

This process gives you the best qulaity puffed Rice (mamra).

Whole especiality of our Plant is to roast paddy and from roasted paddy , to manufacture puffed rice , for this whole process ONLY ONE ROASTER MACHINE IS USED FOR THIS WHOLE PROCESSAND SAVES COSTING AND FACILIATE A LOT.

Except making puffed rice from paddy, other grains like
Malt (Juvar)
Ground Nuts Seeds
Paddy Pauva (Chur Mamra)